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Looking for information about varmint and predator hunting in Utah? You're in the right place!
Like to hunt Coyotes, Striped Skunks or Red Fox? You're here!
Predator calling and hunting techniques? We've got them!

We are working on updating the UVA to be a one stop place for varmint hunting in Utah!

As we update the site, a number of things will be changing. Direct links to the UVA website may break! We are trying to make sure they don't though. If you notice something that needs to be fixed, contact us.

We are looking for people to contribute articles to the UVA website!
If you would like to contribute to the Utah Varminters Association visit the contact page.

Predator Control Funding(Senate Bill 87) passed!!
Mule Deer Protection Act (Senate Bill 245) passed!!
Looks like the Utah Predator Control Program got the funding needed to start!
Are you looking for more information about the program?
Visit the
Utah Predator Control Program page.

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